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We are Innovation Assistant

Innovation Assistant is a remote-first organization that empowers businesses to unleash their digital potential using 21st-century tools. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, including brand strategy, design, operations, project management, automation, and training, providing a one-stop shop for businesses seeking to optimize their digital capabilities.

We create systems. We achieve results.


We provide customized strategic guidance to optimize your digital capabilities and drive growth.


Our experts foster innovation and critical thinking, transforming ideas into tangible outcomes.

Staff Augmentation

We offer flexible and skilled resources to accelerate project execution and achieve outstanding results.

Our Case Studies

Learn what we did for others, and what we can do for you.

Hotel Managment
Law Firm
Social Enterprise


Branding and Project Management

Law Firm

Social Media Management

Social Enterprise

eLearning and Virtual Community Management

Real Estate Development

Real Estate Development

Data Management and Analysis

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